ADHD Assessments

We are often asked to assess for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). We provide a uniquely comprehensive approach. The diagnosis of ADHD is best treated by a psychiatric assessment in close conjunction with a psychological assessment and school reports. It is critical to rule out learning issues and non-ADHD psychiatric symptoms, such as anxiety or oppositional behavior that may mimic symptoms of ADHD.

We provide a three-part intake with a psychiatrist to understand parental concerns, collect information and meet the child or teenager. We use the state of the art InView technology to collect and coordinate screening tools from parents, teachers and tutors. If we are concerned about learning issues, an educational psychologist will do a preliminary educational screen.

If we determine that your child or teenager does meet criteria for ADHD, we offer the entire range of services that your family may need. Treatment plans include a uniquely tailored combination of the following:

  • Diagnostic assessment with psychiatrist
  • Collection of data from parents, school, tutors, physicians and coaches
  • Review of screening tools, report cards, health records etc.
  • Neuropsychological testing (up to 10 hours of testing) for diagnosis and to offer recommendations and secure accommodations
  • Medication management with board certified pediatric psychiatrists
  • In home assessments for behavior modification plans
  • Skills training for parents and children with ADHD
  • Executive functioning coaching
  • Parent training tools specific for ADHD
  • Psychotherapy with family and/or patient to assess stressors of ADHD and common co-morbidities such as anxiety and oppositional disorders
  • Social skills groups or individualized programs for children with ADHD
  • Technology assessment to help family to set limits with devices and address the unique challenges of managing screen time for children with ADHD.